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HIGH quality


High quality control over the materials we use helps us keep costs down. This leads to transparent project pricing, which eliminates the old model of general contractor estimates and change orders. We work with you to stay on budget and reduce surprises throughout the process.


We design our premium prefab homes to be open, with clean lines integrated between indoors and outdoors, and offer an unprecedented amount of standard design options. You can turn a Rubix model or your own choice of model into your perfect home.

A better 


Thoughtful design, clean lines and expert craftsmanship shape every detail that goes into building a Rubix home.


Our superior building envelope and better air quality makes your home comfortable all year round. Take it to the next level by adding triple pane windows and radiant heated floors.

Our thermal bridging on the outside, R24 batt insulation and air chamber behind the exterior drywall allows us to deliver a wall to you with a R30 factor, which keeps both noise and heating bills to a minimum.

Lower Energy Costs

Better Air Quality

An air exchanger and heat recovery (HRV) filtration changes the inside air, introduces fresh air into the house and rids it of moisture so you can breathe better and sleep better.


The Furring we apply to the exterior wall prevents the drywall and siding from moving with the studs, resulting in straighter walls and a much better long term interior/exterior finish.

No Mold

Our drywall is not directly screwed on the external stud or the vapour barrier. This allows the air to circulate and dry any condensation behind the wall rather than allowing it to stay trapped in the wall.


We manufacture our own cabinetry, which allows us to reduce the costs for you and to outfit your kitchen like a chef. We offer a wide variety of cabinetry finishes and beautiful countertops, Soft close hardware is a standard at Rubix.


Most of our faucets and toilets are "WaterSense Certified", and use 20% less water without sacrificing performance.

LED Lighting

Integrate premium LED potlights throughout your home to fill any room with soft, warm light at a fraction of the energy cost of a traditional bulb.

Rubix Care Program

We provide a 1-year limited home warranty, a 10-year structural warranty, and the manufacturers' warranties on all fixtures and appliances provided with the home.

Preliminary Delivery

Whether you own land or are still looking, we'll send out our team to advise you on the benefits and challenges of each site and how best to deliver your home based on an in-depth site review.

Conceptual Design

Your Rubix team will work with you to review your budget and finalize your layout to *create conceptual plans. Based on these plans, we can provide a pre-permit project timeline.

After Sales Service

After you move in, one of our dedicated after sales service representatives will be there for you to address any issues related to your home. They take pride in making sure your Rubix home is beautiful and comfortable for years to come.

Other Services we Offer (Residential / Commercial) 





* A fee applies to create conceptual plans, which is credited upon your purchase of a Rubix home.

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