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Whether you feel that you need more space at home to cope with the needs of your growing family, or you’re looking for ways to maximize the return on your investment property; a home extension can be the ideal solution!


You may be thinking; why not just move to a larger home? 


Consider the following points:


  • You live in an area that you like. The properties for sale that you are interested in are too expensive and surely need renovations themselves.

  • Vacant lots suitable for building a new home on are hard to come by in desired areas and can be very expensive.

  • Moving is a big headache and expensive… Once you consider all of the costs involved in buying and selling a home, the cost of moving equates to roughly 10 per cent of a property’s purchase price (realtor commissions, home inspection, notary fees, CMHC insurance premium, etc.).

* based on a 500 sq.ft extension

OUR SYSTEM that combines factory Prefabrication and on-site Preparation (Prefab-Ex), allows:


  • A condensed time-frame that is uncommon to the industry due to its streamlined approach;

  • The ability to see your extension/addition in our factory and thereby know what to expect at your  home;

  • To eliminate most of the disadvantages associated with having a full-time construction site at your home for 1, 2 or 3 months;

  • No surprises, no extras, no problems!


We build your home extension using premium-quality products like pre-dried wood, that minimizes the effects of drywall cracks. Your extension is build in our factory so it is protected from rain, snow, mold, and other threats caused by adverse weather.


The construction of your extension/addition is 90 per cent complete and fully-functional before leaving our factory, which translates to minimal interruptions to your daily life. Installation can be completed in as little as  7 days* !


Our sales representatives and qualified technicians will assist in the realization of the concept and design of your project. Personalized plans and documents necessary for obtaining a building permit are provided. If you need a foundation for the extension, this service is also available.




* 7 days per module. In certain cases projects can take more than 7 days given the variations in design difficulty, installation location, weather, and if changes are made before or during the construction.

The concept is to build a home extension with minimal interruptions to your daily life; shorter building cycle, better quality, all at a very competitive price.  Your home addition is manufactured in our factory in Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC. Your home extension is delivered and craned in place on the same day. You can move into your extension in as little as 7 working days. Depending on the scope of the work, more time may be required.





  • Send us 4 pictures of the exterior of your existing home: front view (from across the street), left side, right side & back view.


  • A rough sketch or a plan, be it on a napkin or a detailed drawing/plan, with measurements and description of what it is that you would like done along with a rough idea of the finishing’s you would like to have. (ex. Heated floors in the bathroom, ceramics, wood flooring, lacquered kitchen cabinets, walk in glass shower, etc…)


Once we receive this information, we can give you a ballpark estimate of the cost.





If you would like to carry on with the project, we will get together and go over the details more precisely (choice of materials, etc.). At our premises we have a one-stop showroom with a wide variety of products you can integrate in your home.


From our meeting we can give you the exact price of the project. Once the price is given, it is honored! There will be NO extras for hidden defect charges. We honor the contract price and don’t look for extras. Prices may only change if we need to repair an existing problem or if you decide to make some changes from our initial agreement.





Once we have agreed on the concept and price, our technician will prepare the necessary sketches to scale for your approval as well as a detailed quote.





Before we sign a contract, we will confirm with the municipality that the project is acceptable and get their requirements and delays. Following that, we will sign a contract at which time a deposit is required on your end.





We will prepare the plans and paperwork required by your municipality to obtain the appropriate building permits. At this stage, we will hand over the documents to you and you will need to apply for and pay the required fees for the permit.


* It usually takes two weeks for us to prepare the blueprints and required paperwork, and it is generally 60 days to receive the permit (depending on the municipality, it may be sooner).





Before we start building your home extension in our factory we will come to your place. We will remove some drywall in order to take exact measurements for our building process.





The home extension is built in our factory, in a controlled environment protected from rain, snow, mold, and other threats caused by adverse weather.


We only use quality products; all kiln dried dimensional lumber and skilled craftsmen.


The interior is over 90% complete before it leaves our factory.


We start off by building the structure; we install foldable roofs, shingles and windows. We run plumbing drains, water lines and electrical wires, install drywall and mud.


Next up is the finishing. We install ceramics, kitchen cabinets, vanities, doors and trim. We prime all the walls, paint the ceiling and all woodwork.


Next, we clean up and do a final inspection before it leaves our factory.


Your home extension is  ULCCCC certified. In addition to the multiple inspections we do throughout the construction process, we do electrical, ventilation and water tests, which is unheard of with onsite construction.


* You cannot start building you home extension or do any work on site until you get your municipal permit. HOWEVER, we can build your extension in our factory without the permit. Another advantage which expedites the process!





Once the building permit is obtained from the municipality, we proceed in building the foundation if required. Once the foundation is complete, we allow a minimum of 10 days for it to dry. While the foundation work is being done we are building your extension in our factory.





At this point, your home addition has been 95% completed in our factory, wrapped up and ready to be shipped.


  • If your extension is going on a foundation, we are ready to ship that day

  • If your extension goes over an existing floor, we ship on the 3rd day. In the first 2 days, we remove the existing roof of your home and get the house ready to receive the addition. (In this scenario, you may need to make alternative living arrangements from a day up to 2 weeks).




At about 8:00 am, the crane will pull up to your home and get prepared. At about 10:30 am the truck with your home addition will arrive. The crane will lift the home addition module and place it on the new foundation or on top of an existing floor.


Our construction crew proceeds to open the hinged roof and complete the roof.


Once completed, we move inside the house. We bolt down the addition to the existing home, connect the main drain pipe, water lines and electrical.


We are now ready to punch the holes through to the existing home. The following day, you can technically move into the new extension!


We now proceed with doing any extra work you requested in your existing home.


The following week, we do the exterior brickwork and siding.





We are member of a buyers co-op owned by 8 home manufacturing companies. We negotiate pricing and approve the quality of the products we use. Our buyers co-op has the purchasing power of 2,500 homes.


We manufacture using a systematic assembly line method putting the emphasize on craftsmanship, efficiency, time management, safety and inventory management. We use a Kan ban inventory system to avoid shortage of materials and delays. We work hard to control quality, delivery dates and costs throughout our manufacturing process including our inhouse kitchen cabinetry manufacturing facility.


In more than 25 years of dealing with customers , we believe in responding to our customers’ needs, working together with them and completing work in a timely manner.





Our home extensions are UGU certified and come with a 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

 Furthermore, we offer an optional 3rd party guarantee from Qualité Habitation. 

(A fee is applicable for the optional guarantee.) 





Qualité Habitation.
Manufacturers Guarantee.

We prepare the existing structure of your house that will hold the extension. We take the necessary precautions to minimize the inconvenience to your household.


The assembled extension arrives by truck, it is put in place by a crane, and finally it is secured on the existing structure or the foundation.


All electrical and plumbing work and the installation of drywall is carried out while assembly of the existing structure with the new structure continues.


Closure of the outside of the structure and finishing of the junction of new materials to the existing structure.


Application of plaster and other finishing details.




Flooring installation and final cleaning.

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