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RUBIX DIY program is a great new way to get into a new, professionally crafted, home or cottage.


Our direct wholesale program is an ideal way for homeowners, builders and developers to purchase complete prefabricated homes at a low cost, and to complete their projects in as little as four weeks after delivery.


We offer a direct to consumer program that includes design drawings and delivery of a high quality factory built modular home on your lot and prepared foundation anywhere in Quebec and in Ontario. All designs and sizes are available.


By securing your own lot and taking an active role as the builder of your project, you will save 20% or more. This approach allows you to keep what a hired builder would earn and you will enjoy an immediate net equity gain on your investment.

You will receive a high quality factory built modular home complete with a finished interior, including kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, electrical wiring, plumbing, taped and primed drywall, etc..



Home blueprints and foundation plans required for permits


Sub Flooring 3/4" OSB TG, glued & nailed, 2x10 or I-Joist if the span call for it

Roofing OSB sheeting 15/32"

5/12 roof pitch

Exterior walls KD  2x6@ 16" c/c  or 24" c/c, depending on drawings

7/16 OSB sheeting on exterior walls. Glued and nailed

All exterior walls drywall is double screwed on the furring 

Interior divisions  2x4@ 24" c/c  KD with blocking 

3/4 OSB places above windows and doors in addition to usual headers

Furring strips 1x3x 16" c/c placed on exterior walls for siding

Furring strips 1x4x 24" c/c placed on inside of exterior walls and ceilings


Exterior walls - R30  (R24 Insulation bat + 1" extruded polystyrene) "Thermal Bridging"

R50 bat or blown insulation 


Front door - 34" slab (white) - Insulated steel with 3/4 glass  (grills optional)

Other doors - 34" slab  (white) - Insulated steel with 1/2 glass (grills optional)

White PVC casement windows throughout, all screens included (grills optional) 

Window internal jams covered with white PVC

"Energy star" windows and doors  Low E and argon for Zone 1 (Optional for Zone 2)

Taymor Madera door grip for entrance door and round keyed door lock for other doors


100amp electrical panel with circuit breakers for mini homes *not installed by us if located in basement

200 amp electrical panel with circuit breakers for regular homes *not installed by us if located in basement

Electrical baseboard heating system with digital non-programmable thermostats

Smoke detector installed on each floor, (in Ontario one in each bedroom and one in corridor)

Carbon monoxide detector (optional) 

2 exterior GFI plugs with lockable weatherproof cover

Broan Nutone 30" stove fan, white, 2 speeds, 180 cfm, 7 sones.  

Wiring for 1 telephone,  CAT6 network outlets, and 1 COAX for satellite TV.

Door chime

Electric receptacle  for dishwasher 

Decora plugs and switches 

Light fixtures: Interior - Canarm "flush mount"  IFM211T throughout / Exterior - white coach lights


1 Shower/tub  MAAX TSEA 60"x32  door or curtain rod are optional

1 Shower/tub faucet, regulated pressure - Taymor Cosmos, polished chrome

1 Toilet with seat and 4.8 liter lined water tank - Carlin

1 Sink, vitrified porcelain - American Standard Ellisse Petite 

1 Sink faucet - Taymor Cosmos, polished chrome

1 Vanity 36" - melamine cabinet with laminate counter

1 Bathroom mirror 30x36 (or 36x36) with decorative melamine backing


1 Toilet with seat and 4.8 liter lined water tank - Carlin

1 Sink, vitrified porcelain - American Standard Ellisse Petite 

1 Sink faucet - Taymor Cosmos, polished chrome

1 Vanity 30" - melamine cabinet with arborite counter

1 Bathroom mirror 24x36 (or 30x36)  with decorative melamine backing


1 Double Kitchen sink - Reginox RDL2031 

1 Pull out kitchen sink faucet - Taymor Infinity, polished chrome 

Dishwasher connection and drain ready for hook up  (under the kitchen sink)


Pex water lines 

ABS drain lines

1 Anti-freeze exterior wall hydrant - Hose bib

1 Hot water tank, 40 gallons with regulator 

Washer and dryer rough in


HRV designed to fit home *not installed by us if located in basement

Conduits are dropped in the walls/ceiling and you supply the balance of conduits and installation

All bathroom fans are connected to air exchanger *not connected by us if HRV is located in basement

Kitchen fan is vented directly to the outside


1/2" drywall taped and primed (Smooth ceiling finish, no stipple)

MDF Colonial baseboards 3 7/8". Colonial Casing 2 3/4", primed

Molded wood fiber interior doors 30" , 6 panels, primed  "Colonist"

Rough SPF lumber staircase to second floor

Door handles (ball knob style) - Taymor Villa, Satin nickel. Privacy for bathrooms and master bedroom.


Melamine kitchen cabinets and vanities (choice of 8 colors),  laundry room in white melamine

Stratified kitchen counters, Belanger Style no.  2100, 2300, 3000, 2700 Finish R & S

Space for dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator

1 Set of drawers

Cabinet door handles (budget applies)


Quickstyle laminate flooring,  max 2 colors,  vertical 108   8mm or  10 mm

Quickstyle water proof vinyl flooring for bathrooms "Aqua narrow plank or Aqua Villa"


Asphalt shingles, choice of colors (BP Mystique / IKO Cambridge)

For high winds use Dynasty note: colors are different

Gentek Vinyl siding, Driftwood Dutch 4.5. Horizontal installation on furring

Furring strips placed beneath siding for better long term durability and aesthetics

Aluminum Fascia and vinyl soffit (white)


All materials have to be chosen from our brands and selections.

All selections have budgets allocated, see sales representative for information.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

A construction experience of 6 on a scale of 10 is required to fully benefit from this program.

Transportation, crane, connections, and stitching of home are not included.

Transportation, crane, connections and "stitching" of home are not included.

"Stitching" refers to the finishing required where the modules are joined (walls / floor / doorways & passages / roof / etc...)

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